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Helen Borich: Parents must take responsibility on porn issue

If you come from a generation like mine when pornography was consigned to those top-rack magazines that you caught just a glimpse of at the local newsagent’s, then the shocking truth is that nowadays online porn is a different and far more sinister prospect. The comparatively innocent nude centrefolds have been replaced with graphic and often violent depictions of sex.

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Helen Borich:
Young players are learning bad behaviour from this World Cup

The ultimate showcase for the beautiful game, the Fifa World Cup, is in full swing. Already there have been amazing individual and team performances. And from a New Zealand perspective, it is inspiring to see some smaller footballing nations like Iceland and Mexico performing so well against the giants of Argentina and Germany.

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Helen Borich:
If adults crave approval online, how do adolescents cope?

I’m a great advocate for social media. In fact, as an immigrant living away from my home country I love social media. I love the fact I can still be connected to friends back home despite the great distance. Facebook makes it so easy to interact on a daily basis and to feel as though you’re still part of your friends’ everyday lives.

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Helen Borich: Sports clubs could do more for our communities

Football can be a powerful force for change. From the ghettos of Brazil to the council estates of England and beyond, football has the power to transform individual lives and unite whole communities while giving pleasure to millions of people worldwide.

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