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Mindfulness In The Workplace: Practical Ways To Introduce It

It seems as though everyone is currently jumping on the mindfulness bandwagon: from Google through to Nike. But is it just another trendy fad or could there be something in it? If the notion of mindfulness conjures up an image of yoga mats, incense burning or mantra chanting, then it’s time to think again. You see the likes of Google and Nike have discovered that promoting mindfulness at work can lead to improvements in staff members’ concentration, focus and energy levels and so can have a significant impact on efficient and effective working as well as a happier and healthier office. But what is mindfulness and how can you introduce it to a somewhat skeptical workforce? In this post, we define the concept of mindfulness and what it means in the context of the workplace. We then go on to look at some practical ways that you can encourage mindfulness in the workplace amongst employees.

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